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Rashõmon Club Closing Party: Tommy Four Seven, Asymptote

FRIDAY 25.05.2018

Past events at Rashõmon Club.

Octave One live, Asymptote, Diego Amura

FRIDAY 18.05.2018

Liveware; Reset Your Brain with Umwelt b2b Sunil Sharpe

SATURDAY 12.05.2018

Battito: L I M + Lexer

FRIDAY 11.05.2018

Resistance feat. Interferenze: Psyk, Boston 168 live, Asymptote

FRIDAY 04.05.2018

Battito: Christian Löffler + Lusine

FRIDAY 27.04.2018

Resistance feat. Interferenze: James Ruskin, Asymptote, Lunatik

FRIDAY 20.04.2018

Resistance feat. Interferenze: SNTS live, Zippo, Asymptote

FRIDAY 23.03.2018

Mathias Kaden + Germano Ventura + Baths (live) + Daedelus

FRIDAY 09.03.2018

Nami with Nathan Barato and Julien Sandre

FRIDAY 02.03.2018

Battito: Tiger & Woods + Jonas kopp

FRIDAY 23.02.2018

Nami with Clouds and Ritzi Lee

FRIDAY 02.02.2018

Nami with Luca Donzelli and Luigi Moretti

FRIDAY 19.01.2018

Nami with Renè

FRIDAY 22.12.2017

Nami with Joey Daniel

FRIDAY 08.12.2017

Nami with Julian Perez

FRIDAY 17.11.2017

Nami with Hito

FRIDAY 03.11.2017

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