Octave One live [Endustry album tour 2018] at Rashõmon Club (Friday, 05/18/18)

On Friday, May 18, Resistance Is Techno returns to Rashõmon Club with an evening of international techno music: from the live performance of the Burden brothers better known in the environment as Octave One who will present his new album "Endustry" , to DJ sets by Asymptote and Diego Amura.

Lenny and Lawrence Burden aka Octave One

Synths, drum machines, and analog sequencers are the defining elements of the musical productions of Lenny and Lawrence Burden known in the techno environment by the stage name Octave One.
But what sets this duo apart from other DJs and producers? Certainly their way of understanding and concretizing techno is very different from that of many other musicians and performers. Their sound is characterized by a positive charge and a desire to bring something deep to life by generating determination, identity, movement and emotion. Their live shows deliver incredible energy, and their success internationally confirms this: they have sold more than a million copies of their single Black Water, which to this day continues to be regularly played in the world's top DJ sets.

The Detroit-born techno duo, after touring the world and the most exclusive clubs, will perform right at Rashõmon Club on the notes of a new work 27 years after its 1991 debut. The evening will open with the launch of the new project titled Endustry and signed under the alias Random Noise Generation.

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