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Clean, dry and predominant. Here is one of the world's most famous spirits, Tanqueray Gin

If something bad happens you drink to forget;
if something good happens you drink to celebrate;
if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.

- Charles Bukowski -

Beloved by writers and filmmakers, Gin has always been the quintessential symbol of elegance and drinking well. Emblematic of many scenes on the silver screen, it has certainly marked the character and verve of many characters, giving viewers a seductive atmosphere.
As Charles Bukowski states, in a sense one drinks to get a thrill. Whether it is for an evening out with friends, to liven up the atmosphere or simply for a moment of relaxation, you can't you can't miss a great drink, perhaps specifically based on Gin.

Gin is a grain distillate then flavored with botanicals, ingredients such as spices, berries, and citrus fruits that the master distiller carefully chooses based on the type of product he or she intends to make.

The market for distilled spirits is certainly very large and varied, and knowing how to choose a good product is not as simple as one might think. But what are the elements that characterize a quality gin? Certainly the aroma, taste, and fragrance are some of the vestments that characterize and determine its properties; a first-rate distillate cannot disregard the materials used and the range of botanicals chosen for the recipe.

Four types of Gin can be found commercially:

  • the Classic Gin that is produced by adding botanicals directly into the grain ferment and is bottled immediately after the fermentation stage;
  • Distilled Gin obtained by distilling 96% rectified alcohol with the mixture of Juniper berries and botanicals. The blend of botanicals, however, does not have a strict list of ingredients and allows the presence of natural flavors;
  • London Dry Gin the same as distilled Gin, the only difference being that it does not involve the addition of flavorings;
  • Juniper-flavored Spirits, which involve the addition of flavorings to the distillation mixture and a bottling ratio with a precise alcohol-to-volume ratio of 30 percent.

It may be because of its history, it may be because its taste is so appealing, Gin Tanqueray has been able to make its way into the world of spirits and win its large share of the market.

The story of Charles Tanqueray

The success of Tanqueray Gin is also due in part to its very unique and special history. It was in 1830 that Charles Tanqueray, at only 20 years of age, chose his path and decided to establish his distillery in Bloomsbury, London. During World War II, an air raid in 1941 almost completely destroyed the Tanqueray distillery but this did not stop production. In 1898 Tanqueray joined Gordons & Co, moving production to Camron Bridge, and demonstrating full control of the industry.

A drink with an appealing flavor

The design of the bottle is very distinctive and resembles a shaker. The recipe still used today actually actually dates back to 1838, but the original one supposedly predates this period. The secret of its formula is still unclear but it seems to contain only four botanicals; the fermentation with the mixture of botanicals is what determines the final result. Each producer follows his or her own school of thought in pursuit of excellence: think that only 10 percent of all that is selected in the first phase turns out to be good enough to be employed in the distillation process and thus assure its fans of the flavor that has always distinguishes Gin Tanqueray.

The harmonious blend of juniper berries, coriander and licorice, the crystal clear color and the clean, dry, predominant taste have made Gin Tanqueray a product of excellence both to drink neat and to blend for drinks with a strong character; the juniper flavor is predominant, but the taste remains perfectly balanced.

But what are gin-based cocktails?
The practice of mixing drinks has become a true art made of experience and creativity. Increasingly a protagonist in the most fashionable cocktails and venues, Gin Tanqueray has become the favorite distillate of clubbers.
The secret to the perfect cocktail? Combining the various ingredients with Gin Tanqueray in order to achieve a balanced drink and create the perfect mix of flavors.Just think of great classics such as Aviation, Gin Fizz,Gin Tonic, Bronx, White Lady, Martinez, Clover Club, Vesper, Money Gland!