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Author: Supernero

Industrial inflections and EBM influences. Nov. 29 I HATE MODELS, live at Rashõmon Club.

I HATE MODELS is the name chosen by Guillaume Labadie, French DJ and producer, for his musical project, a project that has allowed him to collaborate with several music labels such as ARTS, Voitax, T/W/B or
Guillaume Labadie is as eclectic in his productions as in his DJ sets; his tracks travel between rave music, industrial sounds or EBM productions.
In fact, his style cannot be so clearly defined; his tracks are very varied, moving even towards old school sounds and reminiscences with a 1990s taste.

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Avant-garde electronics and industrial music. On Oct. 25, the sound of Parrish Smith comes to the Rashõmon Club.

October was a month marked by excitement and sounds with strong tones. The Rashõmon Club has seen the best international artists, belonging to the current Techno scene, take turns at the console and prove the incredible strength of this musical genre. But for our clubbers the surprises are certainly not over.
On Friday, October 25 , we start again with another explosive live show featuring a big name, DJ and producer Parrish Smith!

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