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Industrial inflections and EBM influences. Nov. 29 I HATE MODELS, live at Rashõmon Club.

I HATE MODELS is the name chosen by Guillaume Labadie, French DJ and producer, for his music project, a project that has allowed him to collaborate with several music labels such as ARTS, Voitax, T/W/B or
Guillaume Labadie is as eclectic in his productions as in his DJ sets; his tracks travel between rave music, industrial sounds or EBM productions.
In fact, his style cannot be so clearly defined; his tracks are very varied, moving even towards old school sounds and reminiscences with a 1990s taste.

The concepts of harmony and chaos fully express his musical vision and act as a common thread in his compositions, where he narrates emotions in a strong and at times devastating way, letting exude, a certain melancholy.

Nostalgia, passions, loneliness. Guillaume Labadie and the tale of opposing worlds.

The name chosen by Guillaume Labadie explicitly and directly describes his vision of music and in a certain sense of life. "I HATE MODELS" was born as a rejection for imposed models, for schematizations, and lays the foundation for an eclectic project with variable nuances.

First attracted to hip-hop, then punk and metal, Guillaume Labadie made his way into this world at a very young age, becoming one of the most talked-about artists in industrial techno. In just a few years he has concretized his career, becoming the symbol of a new techno influence. He did this by maintaining anonymity, wearing a bandana in his DJ sets and escaping the media almost entirely, thus leaving his music as the protagonist. Many have accused him of using this gimmick to get people talking about him, describing his way of performing as a mere publicity stunt. Guillaume Labadie countered by saying that he only wants to keep the spotlight on the music, on the people rocking out on the dance floor, on his energy-laden tracks, finding his own dimension among experimental rhythms and sounds.

And it is precisely this vision that has allowed him to remain one of the undisputed stars of the current techno scene, although he has remained, in a sense, a niche artist.

Music was never just the vehicle for becoming famous; fame and notoriety came almost unstoppably after his music became the symbol of a way of experiencing.
His music is a mix of emotions, the expression of feelings as intense as they are melancholy.

Nostalgia, passions, loneliness alternate and overlap almost naturally. I HATE MODELS touches on all these themes giving life to music submerged in melancholy and violence.
Synthwave, Early Trance, Cold-Wave or Industrial Music are part of the multiple influences that create his universe; through the mixture of sounds and melodies, Guillaume Labadie tells about two opposing worlds, made of love and hate, darkness and light.

We are ready for a live show that will leave everyone breathless!
See you Friday, November 29 at Rashõmon Club to dance the night away with I HATE MODELS!